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Motorcycles are known for being pretty dangerous to ride. Statistics indicate that 80% of motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries or death for the biker. One of the biggest reasons why is because a biker is likely to get ejected off their bikes in a motorcycle crash.

Were you recently hurt in a motorcycle accident here in California? If so, then you shouldn’t wait to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa to help. While you focus on recovering from your personal injury, we’ll help take care of the other aspects of your case for you. That way, you’ll get the money you’re entitled to without having to worry too much about the details of collecting evidence, filing a claim, negotiating with the other parties, and more.

Are you still not convinced? earn everything you need to know about Costa Mesa motorcycle accidents and how to get the compensation you deserve below. Call us for a free consultation today.

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Why Our Firm Should Be Your Top Choice

Before you even start to consider getting compensation for everything you’ve gone through, you need to be sure that you even have a claim worth pursuing. The good news is that you won’t have to pay our top-notch lawyers to find out. Here at Mesa Accident Lawyers, we offer free consultations. We’ll discuss your situation and help you try to determine if seeking out a claim is in your best interests.

If we do think you have the basis to seek out compensation, then we’ll work with you on a contingency fee basis. That means you won’t have to pay us until you win your personal injury case, and if your case is not won, you won’t have to pay anything. Even better, we’ll be available for you 24 /7 if you become one of our clients. Anytime a legal question comes up, we’ll be there to help you navigate it. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience working in local Costa Mesa courts. You can take advantage of our reputation and award-winning track record by giving us the privilege of representing you throughout your claim.

Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orange County

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial after your motorcycle accident in Costa Mesa. Without help, you’ll have to navigate the ins and outs of getting the compensation you deserve. You’ll have to collect the evidence to prove your claims, file the right paperwork, negotiate with other parties, and avoid unfair settlements. Rather than face these challenges on your own, it’s wise to hire a lawyer to help. Remember, your time to seek out a claim is limited after your accident due to the statute of limitations in California. When you hire a lawyer, they’ll take care of all those details for you while you take care of your physical injury.

How Much Is a Motorcycle Claim Worth?

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer and pursuing a claim, then you likely know you’ve lost a lot. You might be wondering just how much your motorcycle claim is actually worth, though. A motorcycle claim should completely restore any losses you endured as a result of the accident. That means you should get paid back for losses like:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage to your motorcycle
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical bills
  • Future lost wages

On top of that, you may have suffered non-monetary losses like emotional distress, too. Make sure to talk to a lawyer about these losses to figure out just how much your claim could amount to.

costa mesa motorcycle accident lawyer

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Human error causes the majority of motorcycle accidents, and that’s not surprising considering how many things could go wrong while traversing a roadway. Here are some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Lane splitting
  • Inattentional blindness
  • Poorly marked intersections
  • Car doors
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Sudden stops
  • Poor weather

Inattentional blindness is a type of brain lapse that prevents motorists from “seeing” motorcycles in traffic. Our brains are trained to look for vehicles and pedestrians, but we often look right past a motorcycle when scanning for traffic. This lapse in judgment can lead to some severe injuries.

costa mesa motorcycle accident lawyer

Determining Liability After a Motorcycle Accident

Your motorcycle claim may be worth a significant amount, but if your own recklessness 100% caused your crash, then you may not be able to seek out any compensation from anyone else. That’s because courtrooms in Costa Mesa attribute legal liability to each party based on their percentage of fault in the auto accident . To be determined at-fault, each party must have been negligent. Negligence, by law, has four basic elements including:

  1. A duty to provide for the other party’s care
  2. A breach of duty
  3. The breach of duty directly caused the accident
  4. The accident led to specific a personal injury

A good motorcycle accident lawyer will help you determine if these elements are present in your situation. They’ll also help you prove that the other party was at-fault for the crash. In determining liability for the crash, you might also have to defend yourself against arguments from the other driver claiming that you contributed to the crash, too.

Common Injuries Sustained in Costa Mesa Motorcycle Accidents

When motorcycle riders get into motorcycle accidents, all they have to protect themselves is a helmet and their clothing. Unfortunately, that’s not too reassuring when they’re hit by a huge, heavy automobile. As you’d expect, this type of collision often leads to some pretty serious injuries for the biker. Here are some of the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents:

  • Road rash (burns from sliding on asphalt)
  • Neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Broken bones
  • Fractures, strains, and sprains

A biker is more likely to suffer more serious injuries if they were not wearing protective gear. More substantial injuries are also likely when the driver was speeding, being reckless, or driving aggressively.

What to Do After a Costa Mesa Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident is often more serious than a car accident. That’s because a biker that gets involved in a crash often gets thrown from their bike. As a result, their injuries are often more substantial than car occupants.

If you ever get involved in a motorcycle accident, then the first thing you should do is call the police.

The authorities will walk you through how to respond to the accident. If someone is severely hurt, then the 911 operator will inform you on how to proceed. They’ll help you stay calm, while also giving you specific instructions that will help protect you, the other individuals involved in the crash, and other motorists, too. Follow all of their directions as you ensure the immediate safety of yourself and others.

If necessary, then move out of the line of incoming traffic. Depending on the severity of the situation and everyone’s injuries, you may have time to take photographs of the accident scene. If witnesses are nearby, then ask them for their contact information.

Once the police arrive, they’ll secure the scene. They’ll ensure injured individuals get the medical treatment they need. They’ll start an initial investigation into what happened. Do your best to cooperate with authorities and follow their instructions. If you’re injured, then get the treatment you need first.

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Once the chaos of the accident subsides, you need to seek medical attention if you weren’t taken to the hospital via ambulance. This step is crucial because if you wait days or even weeks to seek out care, you could end up derailing any potential claim. You could even get accused of making your injuries worse by delaying medical treatment. Instead, get the medical attention you need ASAP.

Save a copy of your doctor’s diagnosis. It’s also important to keep the bill you receive after you get treatment, too. From there, it’s time to start figuring out how much you’ve lost overall. Get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix your bike. Determine how long you’ll be out of work. Ask your employer to write a letter stating how much time you’ve lost off of work.

If you notice that your losses are pretty substantial, then it’s time to reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney. Your Costa Mesa personal injury attorney will help you go through the next steps to collect the fair compensation you deserve.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orange Country?

The aftermath of a Costa Mesa motorcycle accident is chaotic, stressful, and confusing. Once you get medical treatment for your injuries, it makes sense to assume that the other party will be willing to provide you with the compensation you deserve. If not, then you’d expect your car insurance policy to provide you with the financial recourse you need. Unfortunately, it rarely works out so easily.

In most situations, you’ll need to either advocate for yourself or hire an experienced Costa Mesa motorcycle accident lawyer to help you seek compensation. The process of getting those funds will be time-consuming and tough.

The good news is that you won’t need to worry about those details if you hire our legal team of highly skilled motorcycle accident attorneys. Mesa Accident Lawyers will ensure that every biker gets justice, which often means receiving the financial recourse they deserve after a crash. You focus on your physical recovery, and we’ll focus on your personal injury case.

Reach out to our law firm now to discuss your situation in more detail with our attorneys. Call today to schedule a free consultation.