7 Common Road Hazards That Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Road Hazards

If you’re a biker, then you already know the dangers that motorcycles present. What you might not know, though, is just how staggering the injury rate is when it comes to motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents. Statistics show that bikers have about an 80% chance of getting injured if they get into a crash.

If you were recently injured in an accident, then it’s advised that you reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa to learn more about your legal options.

In many cases, you can get compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries. If someone else’s negligence caused your crash, then they’ll be held responsible for your losses. First, you need to identify what caused your accident. Learn more about some common road hazards that often lead to motorcycle accidents here.

1. Open Car Doors

Unfortunately, too many motorists park and don’t look behind them to see if any other vehicles are coming up. So, they open up their car doors and swing the door open into a motorcyclist. Sometimes, someone in a car will open the door and hit another car, but the damage does not compare to an exposed biker.

If the biker doesn’t notice the open car door, then they could collide with it. Even worse, a motorist might open their car door as the bike is approaching, which doesn’t give the biker enough time to react and avoid a collision. In these situations, the driver of the vehicle is often held liable for the crash.

2. Poorly Marked Intersections

Sometimes, streets have poorly marked intersections. That’s terrible news for motorcycle riders because even well-marked designated intersections are still some of the most dangerous places for bikers. The main reason why so many motorcycle-related accidents happen at intersections is that the other vehicles often fail to give the biker the right of way when they should. Some motorists suffer from inattentional blindness, which is a momentary lapse of judgment that makes them miss seeing motorcycles at intersections. When that happens, the driver is liable for the accident.

3. Potholes

Poorly maintained roadways are annoying to car drivers, but they could also be fatal for motorcyclists. That’s why bikers need to be extra vigilant when driving down roads that are known to have potholes. When a motorcyclist hits a pothole, it can send them flying into the road. If traffic is heavy, then that could cause a vehicle to hit the biker or the motorcycle.

If a pothole caused your accident, then it might be possible to seek compensation from the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the road. Doing so will be a challenge, though, so it’s important to hire a lawyer to help.

4. Edge Breaks Between Lanes

When roadways are planned out and built, lanes are meant to be even and smooth. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always get executed properly. An edge break happens when one lane is slightly higher or lower than the next. Unfortunately, bikers who attempt to switch lanes and hit edge breaks can lose control of their bikes. Slowing down to switch lanes can help, but bikers might not realize an edge break is there. If this happens to you, then it might be possible to seek compensation from the agency responsible for maintaining the road.

5. Construction Zones

Construction zones can also lead to motorcycle accidents, especially if debris or other items are scattered in the roadway. All motorists, including motorcycles, are required to slow down in these zones, but motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable to getting into an accident due to the construction zone hazards.

This becomes even more hazardous when bad weather conditions are involved. Although Southern California is known for great year-round weather, rain causes the roads to be sleek and slippery, and fog makes it difficult to see for all motorists.

6. Roadway Litter

Unfortunately, too many motorists are guilty of littering and throwing random objects out of their vehicle windows onto the Orange County roadways. While such debris may appear like no big deal to someone in a car, littering poses a big threat to motorcyclists.

In most cases, that litter will end up on the ground. If a motorcycle rider is nearby, though, then that trash could cause a serious crash. Unlike vehicles, there’s no window or car door to prevent that trash from hitting a motorcycle rider or causing their bikes to go out of control.

7. Bridge Joints

Bridge joints connect parts of a bridge together, but they cause a large gap in the road. Cars can easily roll right over them, but motorcycles have more trouble getting over them. Hitting a bridge joint can easily cause a motorcycle to spiral out of control. Unfortunately, bridge joints are necessary on some roads.

In most cases, you can’t avoid this unless you take an alternative route. However, for a rider who is not aware of these hazards, a catastrophic accident can still occur.

Are You Looking for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Costa Mesa?

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