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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

More than 5,700 people on motorcycles suffered a fatality in the United States in 2020. These accidents often occur because of dangerous driving or distractions on the road. If you have recently been involved in a motorcycle accident and are struggling to pay medical bills, a lawyer can help. Continue reading to discover the best questions to ask when searching for a motorcycle injury lawyer.


What Is Your Experience Level as a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer? Costa Mesa Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

One of the most essential questions to ask a motorcycle injury lawyer is about their experience. There are many types of personal injury claim lawyers, however, not all of them are familiar with motorcycle accidents. Even if you are speaking with an auto accident lawyer, they still may not be familiar with local motorcycle laws and know how to protect clients.

By discussing previous cases, you can find the best motorcycle injury lawyer for your situation. It can also be helpful to ask potential lawyers about their courtroom experience. Lawyers might have been practicing law for years but may not have as much litigation or trial experience. In order to determine how much actual experience an attorney has, check online reviews from Yelp or Google. In addition, you can ask for client testimonies.


How Many Cases Have You Won?

Asking a motorcycle accident injury lawyer what their success rate is can help you make a final decision. If you are debating between several lawyers, you can compare their success rates. Looking at these numbers will help you build more trust with the lawyer you choose. Knowing that they have previously won these types of cases will also give you comfort.

Pay attention to the timeline of their cases and when they won them. Ask when was the last time they handled a motorcycle case like yours. An attorney may have experience in personal injury cases but not as much when it comes to motorcycle injuries.

When addressing this question, you can then discuss what specific resources will be utilized to win your motorcycle accident case, as well as what strategies the law firm intends to use.


Who Will Represent My Motorcycle Accident Case?

In a Google search, most people type in “motorcycle injury lawyer near me” and assume that the highest ranking option will be the best fit for their case. While that may be the case in some instances, there are more than 190,000 active attorneys practicing law in California. If one particular law firm experiences regular business, it may require more help from paralegals than less busy law firms. Therefore, ask the lawyer who will represent your case if you hire them.

Some legal offices will assign a team to work on your case. This can often improve the odds of winning in court since more people can provide input. Make sure that you speak to the person or team representing you to ensure that they understand your accident.  Help is good, but similar to investing in experience, you want to ensure the team working on your case has the right qualifications.

Before you sign a contract, you should have a specific attorney to refer to for your case. If you have any concerns, you can research the attorney to find more info about their experience and education.


Where Are You Licensed to Practice?

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for legal help near Costa Mesa our team can help. Asking motorcycle injury lawyers about the communities they serve is important since you want an attorney familiar with local laws. Getting an attorney from an unfamiliar area could put you at risk of losing the case. It’s less likely for an attorney to overlook details if they are already familiar with legal proceedings at the local courthouse. Additionally, a local legal team is more likely to be familiar with the city and can recommend nearby medical treatment and rehabilitation facilities.


Can You Describe Your Current Caseload?

Having the lawyer describe their caseload can give you insight into their availability and experience.  If the lawyers you are speaking with are already overwhelmed with cases, you might want to look for another option. You need an attorney that can take the time to focus on your motorcycle accident to ensure that compensation is received.

Their caseload is also important since it could conflict with your timeline. Court hearings are on a strict timeline, especially with documents and attending proceedings. Since the lawyer can’t be in several places at once, you need to find someone that will commit. The statute of limitations can become an issue if you can’t quickly contact and meet with your lawyer.

It could be difficult to confirm this answer. In order to determine how busy the law firm is and before signing a contract to retain their services, sporadically call their Costa Mesa office and send e-mails to test how long it takes a team member to get back to you. If they get back to you within a reasonable timeframe, that’s a good sign.


legal fee for motorcycle accident lawyerHow Strong Is My Case?

Talking to lawyers about your case will help determine your compensation and chances of winning. Since most motorcycle injury lawyers have similar past cases, they can estimate how much you could get. Bring documents about medical bills, property damage, or loss of income to the lawyer. You should also discuss any additional suffering you’ve experienced from the accident.

All of these documents and evidence will help support your case and increase the odds of winning. The more info that you provide to the lawyer, the easier it will be for them to make a winning argument. It’s also important to note that an attorney should never make guarantees that your case is worth an exact amount. It’s great if an attorney is confident that they can win your case, and that is definitely a positive. However, be wary of a law firm that promises to get you an exact dollar amount for your motorcycle accident case.


How Much Do You Charge?

If you don’t know the fees of a legal team, you might get blindsided at the end of your case. You can ask the lawyer if they have a contingency fee, which is a billing agreement that you are only expected to pay if your case is won. There are other common billing structures, like flat fees and hourly rates. Determine which method best suits your budget, but ensure you are fully clear on the fee structure before signing with the law firm.

Take time to discuss and agree upon a reasonable percentage of your reward. Depending on the legal firm, you may have to pay for services, regardless if you win or not.


Have You Found a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Yet?

Finding a motorcycle injury lawyer that will represent you with experience can be challenging. By looking at your options and talking to lawyers that have experience with your type of accident, you can get one step closer to maximum compensation. Helping the lawyer with evidence can improve the odds of getting money to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Schedule your free consultation with our Costa Mesa law firm today.


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