Lady justice to the rescue!

The Different Elements In Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases   Did you know that around 95% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial? That’s because most personal injury cases never go to trial. Most are settled out of court, often through mediation. However, these cases were backed by the help of strong legal representation. If you’re involved in a personal injury...

Car crash

What Happens To Your Body During A Car Crash?

Car Crash   There are millions of car crashes every year in the United States. While every car crash is different, each one affects our bodies and minds differently. The psychological, emotional, and physical tolls from car crashes can be mild to severe. It can even be fatal. Here are the car crash injuries and...

Uber app. What to do in an Uber accident.

What Passengers Should Do In Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents   Uber doesn’t actually report their complete accident statistics. Instead, they report only accidents that result in fatalities, which is significantly less and does not tell the whole story. However, with 3.1 million or more Uber rides completed a day in the US, the number of ridesharing accidents is certainly relevant. When Uber...

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